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Ulla Now Offers a $99 Eye Exam

Eye experts agree: part of maintaining good eye health involves a comprehensive eye exam every two years for most children and adults and every year for seniors aged 60 and up. That being said, many find it difficult to schedule a timely appointment with in-network optometrists due to long wait times. When your vision seems to be worsening and only a stronger prescription will restore 20/20 sight, it can be frustrating to wait weeks – months! – to see your eye doctor.  

At Ulla, we understand your frustration, and we’ve decided to offer an alternative to in-network eye exams. Until the end of the year, we’re offering 40% off your first Ulla eye exam to those covered by Quartz, GHC, and Dean eye insurance. Schedule an appointment with our in-house optometrist Dr. Haferman or stop by our Hilldale location to schedule your eye appointment today!

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