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FREE Virtual Eyewear Consultations

How to Schedule a FREE Virtual  Consultation and What to Expect

As you probably read we’re excited to offer virtual consultations; allowing us to assist you during this hectic time around the world.  We’d like to use this opportunity to give you a little insight to how we plan on conducting our consultations and what you can expect.  We look forward to helping you soon!
Before We Meet
When you’re ready to book an appointment with one of our lovely opticians use this link:
Once you’ve chosen a date you’ll receive a confirmation email with a little questionnaire so we can get to know you better.  This can also be done through a 5-10 minute phone conversation if preferred.  Getting to know you through phone or email allows us to pull a selection of frames to present to you during our consultation.
During our 1st Consultation
It’ll be great to see you for the first time (or maybe our 2nd or 3rd time if you’ve shopped with us before!!) and show you the frames we think you’ll love!  Your feedback will be crucial and we love your honesty.  We have the whole store at our disposal so we’ll happily pop around the store and select a few more for you.  Once we determine a number of frames you’re interested in seeing; we’ll sanitize them and ship them off to you or schedule a curbside pick up!
When Your Glasses Arrive
TRY THEM ON! The best part right?  Inside your carefully packaged box will be 6 frames, a step by step guide of the process moving forward.  We’ll already have scheduled a 2nd consultation with you but in the meantime have fun with your beautiful new options.
During our 2nd Consultation
We’ll be excited to see them on you and to hear your thoughts! What did you love? Which is your favorite?  Our expert optician will also be carefully evaluating the fit of the frame to ensure that it is perfect for you!  If you find ones you love we’ll walk you through the lens selection process.  If you like some but don’t feel like we found the perfect one, let’s do a second pass and choose some more frames.
We’re so excited about the opportunity – it combines our ability to provide exceptional customer service and keep us and you safe and healthy.
We look forward to see you on video chat soon and in person hopefully not long after!
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