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While we don’t have an eye doctor on staff, we gladly accept prescriptions from other providers.  We’re happy to call your doctor to have yours faxed if you don’t have a copy!

We do work with most major vision plans on an out-of-network basis (please see below for more information and reach out if you have any questions!).  Because we are optician-owned and not doctor-owned, we are not eligible as an in-network provider in the state of Wisconsin.  However, we do have many options available to help you utilize your hard-earned benefits and offset your out-of-pocket costs.

If you have a vision plan from VSP, EyeMed, Davis Vision, Cigna Vision, Blue View, Aetna Vision, Superior, or Spectra, we can access your benefits and file reimbursement claims on your behalf. If you have a plan other than those listed, you can contact your provider directly to learn about your out-of-network benefits and file your claims. We also accept and process all Health Savings Accounts and Benefits cards. 

In addition, our in-house frame line and lens packages are priced comparably to match in-network discounts. 

 Ulla Eyewear proudly carries several independent, luxury eyewear brands.  These lines elect to handcraft their frames rather than use mass production, the process of which often takes several days for each individual frame.  

We choose not to carry traditional clothing designer labels.  Though widely associated with high-end fashion, these brands often outsource their eyewear production and ultimately deliver low-quality product at a high price point. 

We’re thrilled to offer two options to help you find a home for your well-loved frames.  If you have a frame you purchased from us (or elsewhere!) that’s in good condition but no longer serves your needs, it may be a candidate for our recycled eyewear program, ReFramed.  Through ReFramed, you can sell your frames to us for an in-store credit to use towards your next pair.  We refurbish these frames and sell them in-store at a deep discount, allowing us to reduce waste and offer access to quality eyewear at a lower price point.  If your frames aren’t quite in saleable condition, we’re happy to return them to you or donate them to the Lions Clubs of Madison on your behalf!

*For every ReFramed frame sold, Ulla Eyewear donates an eye screening to a child in the Madison Metropolitan School District.

Standard orders take about three weeks to complete, but timelines can vary.  Adding a custom-made sunclip or ordering a frame that we don’t have in stock may add a couple additional weeks to your timeline, while ordering a bespoke frame may take a couple of months.  Certain smaller orders – for frame parts or accessories, for example – may come in before our standard ETA.  We will always let you know your order’s specific ETA at the time of purchase, share any updates throughout the waiting period, and notify you as soon as your order is ready for pickup, regardless of your initial ETA. 

While we understand that glasses can be a significant investment, there are many benefits that greatly outweigh the initial cost. Primarily, a secondary pair acts as accident insurance – should anything happen to your primary pair, your vision won’t be compromised while you’re waiting to repair or replace your glasses. Multiple pairs of glasses may also assist you in different aspects of your life: as your visual needs differ when reading, working on the computer, playing outdoor sports, or driving, specific prescriptions and lens technologies may serve you best in each setting.  You may also have different or changing stylistic needs depending on the setting.  Many people have several pairs of shoes or more than one handbag, and we think eyewear can enhance your wardrobe similarly.

Yes!  All of our full-price frames come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which ranges between one and three years depending on the brand. Depending on the package you select, our lenses have either a 1 or 2 year warranty against scratching or material defects.  

We offer several different payment options to best meet your needs.  We accept all major credit cards, along with Badger Barter, IMS, and CareCredit.  We also offer a six-month no interest payment plan through GoCardless, which simply uses monthly automatic payments from your checking account and requires no prior credit check.

Click here to apply for a new CareCredit account or pay any balance due with a current account.  CareCredit is a credit card that covers most healthcare and veterinary services.  Like GoCardless, it splits payments up over six months with no interest.

Click here to sign up for a GoCardless account if you’d like to do so before stopping in (we will gladly help you sign up at your appointment if you so choose).

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