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  1. HAND SANITIZERS-  Our experienced opticians will sanitize their hands before, during and after each appointment. There is also sanitizer readily available to you.
  2. SANITIZE COMMON AREAS- We do this before and after each appointment. As well as sanitize all the frames.
  3. GLOVES/MASKS- All of our staff are fully vaccinated. We are happy to wear them should you feel more comfortable and we have extras if you would like them too.
  4. NO TOUCH PAYMENT-  We have the option to send you a secure link via text or email for payment.
While we don’t have an eye doctor on staff we accept prescriptions from other optical shops and would be happy to call to have yours faxed for you!

We do work with most major vision plans on an out of network basis. Please see below for more information. Because we are optician owned and not doctor owned we are unable to process in network insurance for frames and lenses. However, we have many options available to our customers to help them use the benefits they work hard for and alleviate the cost of the purchase.

We accept and process all Health Savings Accounts and Benefits cards (please ask us if you have questions!) and can file your out of network reimbursement claim for VSP, EyeMed, Davis Vision, Cigna Vision, Blue View, Aetna Vision, Superior and Spectra.

In addition, our in house frame line Ulla Eyewear has frame and lens packages competitively priced to match the discounts given through in network.  These packages give you better lens, better anti reflective and a 3 year warranty instead of 1 year.

We are proud that the brands we carry are small lines, with limited production. The designers prefer that we sell their frames at a suggested retail price. Some places that take vision plans, mark-up their products up a huge margin in order to give insurance discounts. Some places dispense inferior lenses in order to make-up lost profit.

Ulla Eyewear is proud to work with independently owned, luxury and designer brands. The brands we choose to work with do not use mass production in the making of their frames and many are handmade. The process of handcrafting frames takes much more time and attention (most take a few days to make just one frame) ensuring that the product you are purchasing will look incredible and last you for a long time. Ulla Eyewear chooses to not carry what are commonly thought of as brand names/clothing brand names. While these brands are often associated with high end clothing designers the glasses portion is outsourced and the quality is too difficult for us to stand behind.

We would love to help you find a new home for your well-loved frames; we offer two options. If you have a frame you purchased from us (or elsewhere!) that’s in wonderful condition but no longer serves your needs it may be a candidate for our recycled eyewear program ReFramed. Through ReFramed you can sell back your frames for an in store credit at Ulla Eyewear, we’ll then refurbish the frame and sell it at a discounted price here in the store. Your old frames are new again! Should your frame donations not be accepted for ReFramed we are happy to donate them to the Lions Clubs of Madison on your behalf.

*For every ReFramed frame sold Ulla Eyewear donates an eye screening to a child through the Madison Metropolitan School District

Our completion times can vary a bit depending on the frame chosen. For the frames we stock here in the store your lens order can take up to 3 weeks to complete but we’ll of course call you should they be ready beforehand. These are a few ways your order could be longer than 3 weeks: the addition of a custom made sunclip, custom made frames, which adds time, or ordering a frame from the manufacturer in a different color then what we have here in the store. At the time of purchase we will give you an estimated date of arrival based on your order as well as follow up with you periodically throughout your order time and if there are delays, etc.

While we understand that an investment in a second pair of glasses can be costly there are many benefits that can greatly outweigh the initial cost. To start if something should happen to your beloved Ulla frames (warranty, breakage, loss, the need for a new lens prescription) we need to send your glasses out to our lab/manufacturer’s to do this and it can take several weeks. Other reasons might be that you enjoy switching up your look from time to time (think: more than one pair of nice shoes, handbag, whatever your thing is), you need a pair specifically for reading, computer, sports, sun, etc.

We do! All of our full price frames come with a manufacturer warranty for 1-3 years (depends on the brand) and our lenses have a 1-2 year warranty (depending on the lens selection) against scratching or break down of the lens material. It may be necessary for you to purchase a second or back up pair of glasses as we do send your glasses to the lab during any warranty issue. This process can take up to 3 weeks for lenses and 3-8 weeks for frame repair/replacement.

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