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Brittany Graber

President and Owner, ABOC

Life outside of Ulla:  I like to paint, run with my dog, cook and spend time with family and friends.

Why you enjoy your job: Running a business is extremely rewarding.  I get to work with a wonderful team of people, meet great customers and pick-out fabulous frames for the store.  We are there throughout the entire eyeglass experience making sure everyone walks out happy, looking great, and seeing their best.  Helping others is really important to us.

Love for other local businesses:  Ruffin’ It Resort,  Great Dane, Cornblooms, Jac’s and the list goes on….

Our Opticians

Here at Ulla Eyewear, our staff is more than just a team of salespeople. We are friendly, knowledgeable and well-trained opticians whose only objectives are to help guide you through our store of interesting and beautifully crafted frames, to choose lenses that best suit your prescription and lifestyle needs and to ensure you feel confident as you get out there to live your best life!


Sales Manager, ABOC

Life outside of Ulla: Outside of work I love spending time with family and friends – sitting around a fire or the lake, playing music and enjoying the company of those I love most. I always am working on a variety of craft and home projects.

Why you enjoy your job: For me the best part of Ulla Eyewear is YOU! I love helping my clients find something new and fun.  I always want to push you a bit- move outside your comfort zone into a look that makes you feel confident and unique.  Stop in and see me, I want to meet you!

Love for other local businesses: As a Madison native I have grown up on a steady diet of local goodness! I frequent the Memorial Union, Brittingham Boats, RED Sushi and the Willy Street Coop!  I seem to always have on a pair of shoes from Cornblooms and jewelry from Art Gecko.


Store Manager, ABOC

Life outside of Ulla: Reading, karaoke, dancing, and watching cheesy horror films on Netflix.

Why you enjoy your job: I love making sure every customer walks out looking fabulous with great vision in their new glasses.

Love for other local businesses: Cornblooms for amazing comfy shoes, Natspil for great food and music, local consignment shops where you can find one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing or furniture.



Life outside of Ulla: My favorite pastime outside of work is baking. I bake mostly layer cakes and enjoy experimenting with uncommon flavors. I will occasionally make cookies and donuts as well. I also love to draw and have dabbled in watercolors. When the weather is nice I love to go on bike rides or rent kayaks or paddleboards.

Why you enjoy your job: The best thing about this job is the people I work with. Coming from corporate retail, where there was constant staff turnover, to a small local business has been a refreshing change for me. Everyone who works in the store brings a unique personality to the team and is so knowledgeable about what we do. As the newest addition to the staff, I feel very welcomed and supported by my coworkers. Being part of the team at Ulla feels like being part of a family.

Love for other local businesses: As a baker, I have a special appreciation for sweet treats and frequent both Batch Bakehouse and Greenbush Bakery. I live near the capitol square and like to walk to nearby restaurants such as Merchant, Nattspil, and countless other locally owned establishments.



Life outside of Ulla: I’m kind of a mixed bag outside of work! I really like to play videogames, tabletop RPGs, and trivia. I’m a freelance illustrator/concept artist who probably watches too much anime and horror movies for their own good. Right now, I’m trying to learn how to skateboard……we’ll see how that turns out.

Why you enjoy your job: I get to be creative! Finding glasses for someone is like inventing a persona for them; what sort of image do they want to project to the world? It’s fun to think about all these difference considerations for something that many see as trivial.

Love for other local business: Zip-Dang! A really fun shop on Monroe street that has a lot of fun prints and clothing. They have some consignment items from local artists and I highly recommend them for gift-giving needs!

Also shout out to MadCat pet supplies! They’re always super helpful and compassionate towards their customers, and do great work partnering up with local rescues to get some fuzzy friends adopted!

If you’re more canine-inclined, Bad Dog Frida’s is just a hop from Monty’s Blue Plate Diner and they always have great treats for your puppers!



Life outside of Ulla: I am usually
curled up with a good book, playing with my dog, or binge-watching Netflix or
Hulu shows. I am a big Nintendo geek (usually I am either playing Super Smash
Bros or Mario Kart), a huge comic book nerd, and a Marvel fanatic. I love to
sing and play the piano. When the weather is nice, I love being outside, whether
that be on the water or in nature. I also try to spend as much time with friends
and family as possible.

Why you enjoy your job: I love
working with people. Getting to know all kinds of people, from every background,
is an amazing experience. I have a background in Anthropology, so learning
about people is right up my alley. I love helping people think outside the box
and choosing frames they normally would not choose for themselves. I also love
working with a terrific team of people, who are dedicated to their job and being
the best at what they do.

Love for other local
businesses:  You might be able to spot me at a few local restaurants,
like the Great Dane and Jac’s, or supporting my doggo by letting him have some
fun at Waggin’ Tails Doggie Dude Ranch. I am new to the area, so I am always on
the hunt for the next great find, come in and give me some recommendations!

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