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Vision Expo West 2017

We love fall for a million reasons, but one of them is that we get to go to Vision Expo West and it’s not just because we get to go to Vegas!

If you’re not eye-geeks like we are, you may not know what Vision Expo West is. It’s a complete eye care event: fashion, education, and innovation (and even more fashion). With over 5,000 vendors, there’s a lot to do and see. This year, our fearless leader Brittany made the voyage to Vegas to find us some amazing new stuff to offer you – our amazing customers!

When you walk into the expo, you are immediately overwhelmed with the amount of wonderful designs incorporating colors, new styles, and cutting-edge technologies. And when we say overwhelmed, we mean that in the best way possible… this place is basically a dream for people like us. This event is an amazing way for us to keep up on the up and coming trends and technologies in the eyewear industry. Going to this each year is a simple and easy way to make sure we can offer you the best of the best, and the trendiest of the trendy!

What’s so amazing about going to events like these is that even though we’ve been in this business for almost two decades, we are still surprised by what we find. Just when we’ve thought we’ve seen all the possible ways a frame could be designed, we stumble upon a new line with unique features and materials we’ve never seen used before.

Although this whole thing may seem pretty surface-level for us, the opposite is true! Vision Expo West inspires elements of the direction of Ulla Eyewear’s offering; not only does it influence the products we carry, but it also kick-starts the creative process of dreaming up our visual merchandising. It’s an amazing opportunity to connect with other people in the industry from all over the country – you wouldn’t believe the number of friends we’ve made!

We left with our passion rejuvenated and are excited to expand our collection of kids frames and introduce a new Danish frame line (to be announced)! Stay tuned on our website and on social media for future announcements.


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