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Sunglass Spectacular!


Come visit us for our annual Sunglass Spectacular, April 15th-May 15th.

There are few accessories with the power to bring you up to date like a pair of sunglasses! Give your eyes some tender love and care with a new pair of sunglasses, transitions or custom sunclips all with UV protection.

$100 OFF sunglasses with prescription lenses*

$50 OFF sunglasses, and Transition lenses*

$30 OFF custom sunclips

*Some exclusions apply.

Why Should You Invest In Good Quality Sunglasses At A Small Local Shop?

  1. We carry Independent brands that have attention to detail and use high quality products.  This ensures that your investment is protected for longer.
  2. Some big box stores sell sunglasses that don’t have full UV protection which is actually more damaging to your eye than not wearing sunglasses at all. Did you know that when you wear a pair of sunglasses without proper UV protection your pupil opens up under that dark lens letting in more harmfullight then if you were not wearing sunglasses at all?
  3. Personalized service ensures that your sunglasses not only look amazing but meet your needs in terms of lens color for activity type and frame fit that won’t slip or slide on warm days

Trending Styles We Love…

Tom Davies Tortoise Shell sunglasses       Etnia Barcelona green sunglasses        Barton Perriera rimless sunglasses    







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