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Welcome, District Vision!

In May we continue to give you a peek at the new releases we scooped up at the International
Vision Expo and share how excited we are to welcome District Vision sunglasses to Ulla Eyewear!

About District Vision (in their own words):

We research and develop tools for mindful athletes, creating products that are equally function-
first and performance enhancing. We believe in a holistic approach to athleticism and the idea
that mental wellbeing is the foundation of every form of physical exercise.

Our first experiment was initiated in 2014, when we started testing sports eyewear technology
with a group of downtown runners. Combining real-life feedback with Japanese engineering, the
Keiichi running sunglass system was born – a proprietary solution for athletes, handmade in

As part of our holistic vision for the project we want to make meditation available to more
runners and active souls in New York and beyond, through a series of talks and our Mindful
Athlete Program (MAP), working with leading teachers in both fields.
Whether you’re an athlete or not, District Vision is sure to meet your style and visual needs.


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