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Our Commitment To Our Customers

Here at Ulla Eyewear our focus has always been first and foremost on exceptional customer service.  In a time when things are uncertain and there is a never-ending cycle of information there are a few things we know.

We know that our commitment to our customers, quality and our community is unwavering.  We will continue, as long as we’re able, to give you the service and attention to detail that you deserve, the quality in product that you’ve come to expect, and the dedication to those around us that we always have.

We know that we are innovative.  We are constantly “going with the flow”, changing, and moving.  While sometimes it is hard to receive new information every day, we are absorbing it and growing from it.  Since we are no longer seeing our customers face to face here in the store, we have implemented online consultations for frame fittings and selection; allowing us to give you the service you’ve come to expect.

We know that our customers deserve extra reassurance that any environment is safe.  We daily clean and disinfect the store and frames already but you can feel comfort in knowing the frames we’ll send to you during our consultations meet the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation.

Additionally we’re using this time to fine tune and adapt.  Our staff is “hunkering down” (have you heard that saying lately?) and going back to basics.  We’re diving into processes, training, growth, and trying to stay ahead of the curve.

As things appear to be fluid right now we plan to be too.  We’ll update you as things change and continue to assist you to the best of our ability for whatever you might need.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support through the years and we look forward to the next phase.

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