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Since 2001, eyebobs has been leading the eyewear rebellion with daring, distinctive frames that are anything but average. We believe in no-apologies style, no B.S. pricing, and the radical notion that shopping for glasses should be fun.

You supply the personality. We frame it. It isn’t just a tagline – it’s the very core of what we do. We truly believe the perfect pair of frames can empower you to be your true and authentic self. We strive to frame all personalities, no matter the head shape, skin tone or bridge type, with our high quality, high style and highly differentiated frames. We believe that when you change your glasses, you undergo a transformation. We’re passionate about driving something truly revolutionary – taking that unique spark that only you have and turning it into a raging, four-alarm fire. Transforming you into capital Y-O-U.

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To see Eyebobs’ full line, visit their website.

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