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With summer in full effect, the Ulla crew is looking for any excuse to get outside! This summer, Hilldale has partnered with the Madison Moms Blog to host kids playdates on Hilldale’s beautiful green lawn.

At the playdate, we jumped at the opportunity to chat with parents and their kids, all while applying many a temporary tattoo! Our table was full of colorful kids frames and sunglasses — both moms and kids enjoyed browsing our selection!

Sunglasses not only make kids look even cuter — they also serve a more practical purpose: protecting young eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. By the age of 18, an individual has exposed their eyes to over half the amount of harmful sunlight that they’ll let into their eyes over the course of their life, so it’s very important that they wear sunglasses starting at a young age. We know that kids are tough on their frames, so we offer a wide selection of sunglasses starting at just $20!

We’re excited for the next playdate! Make sure you stop by to see us and sign up for a free eye exam for you or your little one!

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